Why do we stress a lot about money and not wealth?I find that a lot of people confuse money with wealth and there is a fine line between the two.”Wealth is what remains after the money is gone” said a wise man once and i fully agree with him.


Study Time

Morning gorgeous people! One of my new year’s resolution was to stop procrastinating this year and i’m glad i’m on the right track coz i’ve just sent my first assignment which is due on the 06th March (today is the 02nd Feb).I really feel this year it’s gonna be a great one for most sagittarians (major procrastinators).

Please be motivated this year,let’s both work towards those dreams.It is never easy but it also isn’t hard/impossible.Let’s put our trust in the Lord Jesus and accumulate all the wealth we need.You know,wealth is not “money” as people usually sees it. I heard once and I agree fully with the gentleman who said “wealth is what remains when the money is gone”.So let us all embark on our own paths to building our empires,to getting our qualification,to renew our spiritual understanding.

The Lord is always on your side and He wouldn’t let you leave this world without achieving your heart’s desires.Say this with me….”I WAS FAITHFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE”

Enjoy the rest of your day my darlings.

Missing you

Here is a little piece from my heart,i hope you enjoy it. If you relate,leave a comment,like or share.

Missing you is torturous,

I miss you like….hell on fire.

At times i wonder why i miss you this much

Missing you is so much fun but still torturous

I keep counting down the days till i see you again.

I love it when you surprise me,

I love it when you play naughty with my body,

I love it when you kiss me all over,

I mostly love it when you look deep into my eyes and say “i love you”

I love resting on top of you.

I miss your crazy,weird laugh,

I miss your lovely eyes,

I most especially miss your touch.

When i look at us,i can’t help but think about how Blessed i am

Yes i’m blessed to have you.

I miss you like hell on fire!

I’m missing you more than i can handle,

My body longs for you,my lips can’t take it no more.

Even though i just saw you yesterday,i can’t wait to see you again.

I was born to love you and loving you is all i know.

fragile heart

People can be cruel out there, especially the people you care about most.They don’t give you space to make mistakes,they’ll give you that “dissapointed” look everytime you do something they don’t understand. But why fam?? I mean,my heart is so fragile, i’m always hurting,crying….wishing to re-write my mistakes.Is there anyone who is perfect?? I wanna be perfect, i’m tired of being looked at like i’m some fool.And the funny thing is even when you do something good,it’s like they don’t even notice,they are so ungrateful.It’s ok,me and my fragile heart will survive.


How rough is this life, it is not easy at all and that’s why i find joy in little things.This year i will be sharing the perfect moments i come across in my everyday life.I mostly put my thoughts and feelings in writing,so i’ll be sharing those as well.Wish me luck folks.

Grammar Mediocrity

Let’s look at the following words and how they differ in definition:

  • Bastard- born out of wedlock, illegitimate. OR disliked or unfortunate person or thing.
  • Dastard- (mean) despicable coward

How then do most people use the word “bastard” more especially when they are reffering to “dastard”??


Greetings y’all, i have just created my first blog on wordpress “so excited”. Welcome to my blog and thank you for taking interest. I have a lot to share with everyone and please do not hesitate to leave a comment or share among your friends. I really do not have anything in particular to base my blog upon,so you are going to see a lot of poetry, art, my thoughts…simply ‘words’ that have obscure meaning. Thank you and welcome!

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